More than just beach in Myrtle Beach

Ahhh, South Carolina. Land of hush puppies, great golf, country music and coastal culture.

Myrtle Beach, on the north end of the state’s Atlantic coastline, lives up to all those things – and more, offering tourists from all over beautiful beaches, boardwalk, and any activity you could dream on the sand and under the sun.


For a couple of Canadians in early October (aka almost winter), the 25-degree temperatures were a welcome reprieve for a gorgeous four-day visit to this tourist haven.

We gladly took part in activities along the Grand Strand ranging from golf to parasailing and banana boat rides (the latter of which is surprisingly more daunting) to swimming, riding the SkyWheel and even seeing an improv show.

And naturally, we had to fuel up after our adventures.

The indulgences of sweet tea and hush puppies initially drew us in, and (massive portions of) crab cakes and shrimp-and-grits kept us there. We couldn’t get enough fresh seafood! When in Rome…


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