This week’s kitchen creations

What did I make this week, you ask? There was a range of concoctions — from sweet to savoury to drinkable to crispy to crunchy and more. Needless to say, we have a lot of eating to do at our place. Fine by us!

No surprise that many of the recipes came from Oh She Glows. Check out these tasty, foolproof snack and dessert ideas below — all refined sugar-free, of course!

Green smoothie

I have a go-to banana-berry smoothie I often make (recipe here) — which is healthy, easy, fast and protein-rich. I was on the hunt for a greener option to add to the mix to get some more leafy vegetables into my diet first thing in the a.m. Naturally, I looked to Angela Liddon’s arsenal of recipes and after one sip of her Green Monster smoothie, I was hooked and made about three more throughout the rest of the week!

Many green smoothies are too earthy tasting or not creamy enough. This version, with almond milk, peanut butter and frozen banana, is completely the opposite and will turn anyone frightened by green drinks into a convert!

Tip: make sure to use ripe bananas… unripened will make the smoothie taste bitter and have less of a creamy consistency.

green monster

Date and walnut energy balls

These gems (recipe from Detoxinista) are almost too good to be true. Not only do they look like truffles, but taste like dessert, too! Adam even said they remind him of donuts. Meanwhile, they’re packed with protein, they’re filling, and curb an afternoon energy slump or sugar craving with their natural sugars. Win!

Tip: If you’re not using Medjool dates, soak them in a bowl of cool water for 15 minutes beforehand.

energy balls

Hummus and crackers

I had made classic hummus once before and forgot how great it tasted and simple it was to blend together. Given that I was making OSG’s Endurance Crackers, figured this would make a healthy, delicious homemade pairing.

The crackers were grainy and had a nice kick of flavour with the fresh garlic, but I’ll roll them thinner next time so they’re crisper and less of a granola bar density.

Tip: I used both white and black sesame seeds for added colour and flavour.


No-bake chocolate protein bars

Peanut butter and chocolate as a quick and satisfying post-workout snack? Sign me up.

That’s what was enticing about these No-Bake Chocolate Cashew Protein Bars (via Greatist). I had pecans handy, so used those crushed up instead of the cashews in the batter and added sliced almonds to the top. I left out the cocoa nibs and used unsweetened whey protein.

Consensus is that they looked better than they tasted. These need to be kept in the freezer up until about 10 minutes before eating them, otherwise they melt. Because of their no-bake nature, the texture is a little bit too soft for a bar, and oats overpowered any real peanut butter or chocolate flavour.

Tip: Prepare to use more dry ingredients to reach desired consistency. I ended up at least doubling the amount of oat flour used in the batter as it was way too thin.


Lemon-honey cheesecake 

I was searching for a citrusy cheesecake that had both actual cream cheese in it and no refined sugar. Finally, I came across this recipe from the National Honey Board. It has plain Greek yogurt as well as cream cheese and, while I gave it a crust (to appeal to other eaters), the recipe calls for it to be crustless.

Tip: spread the batter out evenly in your pan before baking. The middle, especially when thick, takes longer to cook and you want as even a bake as possible!


Chia seed jam

Okay, may be saving the best for last here. I’d known about this recipe for awhile, but with it being jam, had envisioned making it to be such an arduous process. As it turns out, that is not the case with this healthy chia variety!

One thing I hadn’t had in over a year since going sugar-free was jam. Not to say that I’ve seriously missed it, but every once in awhile a PB&J craving hits! This is the perfect solution.

The Raspberry Chia Seed Jam from this Oh She Glows oat square recipe is divine. I used a frozen four-berry mix, which worked out wonderfully. Next up, peach!


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