Refined Sugar-Free Resources

A lot of people ask me which blogs/chefs/authors I follow for refined sugar-free recipes and inspiration.

There seems to have been a growing interest lately in the idea of giving up the addictive substance, reflected in plenty of articles posted over just the past few weeks, like this one in Fast Company. The notion of sugar — and no longer fat — as being the culprit of today’s diets is, especially, an angle that seems to have been well covered, as seen here in The Globe and Mail and The Guardian.

via Giphy
via Giphy

Given its newsworthiness and to answer my friends’ question, here are my favourite go-to resources for refined sugar-free eating (the list is constantly growing as I discover more amazing recipe developers!) Many happen to be vegan/paleo bloggers, which makes sense given their focus on cooking with whole, unrefined and unprocessed foods — therefore, usually leaving white sugar out.

Blogs i love  (many of their recipes are naturally sweetened):

  1. Oh She Glows 
  2. Detoxinista
  3. My New Roots
  4. Minimalist Baker
  5. I Quit Sugar
  6. The Healthy Maven 
  7. Mind Body Green
  8. Cookie & Kate

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Screen shot 2016-04-28 at 6.56.15 PM

What are your favourite refined sugar-free resources?

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