Battle of the brownies

We’ve previously done a Battle of the Burgers post. Well, welcome its sweeter neighbour, Battle of the Brownies!


First up, Oh She Glows Two-Layer Raw Chocolate Brownies. Now, these were an easy go-to because the ingredients were ones I already had on-hand and I always have great results with Angela Liddon’s recipes.

I recommend a heavy-duty (and relatively large) food processor for these beauties. I had to hand knead the mixture after adding the dates to get the right consistency, and then blended them together at the end when it was less clumpy.

Given the n0-flour, no-bake recipe, the final product is nutty in texture thanks to the walnuts and hemp seeds. It’s not an overly sweet brownie, but the coconut oil/cocoa chocolate mixture on top provides a a nice chocolatey addition with a hint of maple syrup.


Next? Refined Sugar-Free Black Bean Brownies from Minimalist Baker. The minute I saw these posted on Dana’s Instagram, I knew I had to get my hands on these protein-packed, caramel-covered puppies. I left out the coconut sugar and chocolate chips and they still turned out unbelievably tasty and the perfect level of sweet.


I made these for my sister’s birthday in lieu of cake and they were such a hit — so tempting, in fact, that my Dad had to dig into one before dinnertime! No one could believe there was no flour or sugar in them.

The moist (and protein-rich) beans gave these brownies the perfect chewy brownie texture, and the cocoa powder provided a rich chocolate taste. The brownie batter ingredients are all added in the bowl of a food processor, making clean-up easy.

I will definitely be making these again!

Finally, a healthy brownie post would be remiss without an avocado version. The Healthy Maven’s version looked simple and scrumptious, so I had to test ’em out.

The avocado and unsweetened applesauce combo made these guys really moist. I used a bit less than the 1/2 cup maple syrup called for (too sweet for me!) and they turned out rich, chocolatey and decadent. I topped them with a sprinkling of cocoa nibs for extra cocoa flavour and decoration.


Overall, all three batches of brownies were eaten in what seems like a flash. Given my preference for that gooey/cakey texture typical of a traditional brownie, I preferred the baked versions. The most delicious was the black bean variety — fudgey with that date caramel topping? Can’t be beat — but the avocado brownies come in a close second given how easy they were to whip up (throw all ingredients in a food processor!)

Give them a try and let me know what you think! Do you prefer a crunchy, nutty brownie or a classic fudgey one?

One thought on “Battle of the brownies

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