Why I Love September Pt. 1: A fresh start

In this first post of a four-part series on why I love September, I’m going to look at why this month is special because it’s a natural time for a fresh start.

This concept is that with peoples’ schedules often changing each September post-work and back to school (at least in the U.S. and Canada), it’s a fitting and logical time for us to make other changes we want in our lives, too.


One of my favourite authors, Gretchen Rubin, discusses the idea of “September as the other January” in her work, suggesting that September gives the same feeling as the beginning of a new year. A recent NY Magazine article describing the month as “your second-chance January” similarly links the month to a phenomenon called the “fresh start effect.” As Melissa Dahl writes:

“…that is, that people are much more likely to think of the bigger picture of their lives, and set goals accordingly, just after beginning some new era. These could be, and often were, big milestones: a new job, a new marriage, a new school year. But, just as often, they were much smaller than that: the start of a new month (or even of a new week or day), or the first day back at work after a vacation.”

I took September as the opportunity this year to start doing more of what I love. Given that it’s already the season organized sports and activities begin, it was the perfect time to recommit to some new – and some old – favourite endeavours.


One of the most widely known tips for finding what you love to do is to think about what you loved to do as a child. Two of those, for me, were singing and figure skating. Having not taken them up in any official capacity in many years – despite wanting to – I decided there was no better time than now. I found a coach, bought new skates, and registered for ice time, as well as signed up for a vocal lesson.

Another activity that has brought me, and continues to bring me, a ton of joy is writing. As you’ll soon  see, I’ll be rebranding and refreshing this site and recommitting to blogging more regularly!


September often brings lots of novelty or excitement – whether it’s starting a new school, returning to work, or trying new activities – which can sometimes be challenging and, at times, scary. While there’s the hassle of making arrangements and registrations and fear that sometimes accompanies trying new things, these positive changes can pay off in happiness down the road.

I love September because it gives you a bit of that “push” that’s needed to get going. I knew I needed that boost, at least. And once one thing changes, the momentum builds and it makes it easier to implement change other parts of your life, as well. Once I signed up for skating lessons, I felt I was on a roll and had the excitement and drive to freshen up my blog and find a vocal coach, as well.


It showed me the importance of pushing yourself to take small steps – after all, many small steps combined results in achievement. There’s incredible power in taking incremental actions toward accomplishing something you want to do – the key here being *action,* as opposed to just thinking about things. At some point, we all gotta get out of our heads. If September helps to do that, then all the better!

What are you doing this September to get a “fresh start?”

Stay tuned for the next post – coming soon – on why September will always hold such a very special place in my heart by subscribing (top right of page)!

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