Why I Love September Pt. 2: Our one-year anniversary

One of the biggest reasons I love September has to do with actual love.

On September 12 last year, I married my best friend and partner of more than six years in an intimate ceremony on a beautiful golf course. I still get a kick out of saying “husband” every time I mention him – hoping that novelty doesn’t wear off any time soon!

Photo: Stacey Kinkaid Photography
Photo: Stacey Kinkaid Photography

I cannot believe it has already been a year since we exchanged “I do’s.” Time flies amid newlywed bliss, I guess!

After getting engaged in spring 2014, I was so excited to plan the wedding of our dreams. Knowing we wanted to get married in September, having a year and a half to plan (while still being able to just enjoy the first few months as an engaged couple, plan-free) was the perfect amount of time for us. September was a natural fit – we love the weather (I, particularly, hate high heat and humidity) and both of our parents got married the same month.

Oh, and our venue just happened to have the Saturday we wanted available that month – their last one. Meant to be!

My wedding planning binder, etc.
My wedding planning binder, etc.

As an organizing, to-do list obsessed, extensive researcher, I (with A’s help and advice) set out on the wedding planning journey. Given my love for design, calligraphy, crafting, shopping, creating and, of course, taste testing, the planning process was fun. Sure, stressful at times, but overall, lots of fun.

Nothing compares to the fun of the wedding day itself, though, or the joy of the journey we’ve had since that day.

Photo: Stacey Kinkaid Photography

Since this is primarily a food blog, I’d be remiss not to mention our amazing meals from our special day that we picked to reflect each of our tastes.

There is so much beautiful fresh food available at this time of year and we loved that the chef worked with seasonal ingredients and used them to craft beautiful dishes – yet another reason to love September! The vegetarian pasta featured roasted tomatoes, the starter salad showcased crisp baby spinach and ripe strawberries, and both mains had colourful and flavourful seasonal veggies on the side.

Appetizer: Spinach salad with strawberry, pecans, goat cheese and balsamic dressing

Mains: Chicken supreme + pickled cranberry + jus with vegetables and crispy fingerling potatoes

Jail Island Atlantic salmon + basmati rice + seasonal vegetables

Roasted tomato pasta with seasonal greens

Dessert: Chocolate and vanilla marble wedding cake with fresh berries and coulis

Late-night snack: Poutine bar

Dream cake come to life!
Dream cake come to life! Photo: Stacey Kinkaid Photography

Naturally, we celebrated our one-year anniversary with delicious food and exchanged the traditional gift of “paper” for the first year of marriage. I’ll share what we gave each other in my next post!

Regardless of what busy Septembers have in store for us in the future, this month will always be super special.

Interested in more from our wedding?

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