Introducing: My new blog

I’m so excited to introduce my REfreshED blog!

One year ago, Adam and I (as newlyweds!) started eats ‘n’ retreats — a couples’ food and travel blog — to chronicle our fave foodie adventures and travel excursions. We both love cooking, eating, writing and seeing new places, so this was the perfect outlet to share our stories.


Based on my growing passion for creating refined sugar-free recipes and time commitments, I’m going to be moving it forward. But don’t worry – you’ll hear about my husband (here referred to as A) a lot! He is such an important source of inspiration and encouragement for all my endeavours and, not to mention, the best indicator of whether I nail a recipe! He also loves to cook and is great at it. His homemade pizza is the most magical, and he will forever be the BBQer between us.

Naturally Stephanie will have a health and wellness focus, with sugar-free inspiration and recipes, ideas and experiences in healthy living and some travel (of course!)

I look forward to starting out this new journey with you all! Hit subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a post, and follow along on Instagram for a daily dose of delicious.

Looking forward to sharing this new blogging journey with you!

But for now, let’s take a look back on some of our top eats ‘n’ retreats adventures:

5 Things to See/Eat/Do in Boston

Diary of a Europe Trip

Our Dream Honeymoon

Fall in Montebello

Cape Breton: Small Island, Big Character

Eating and Stampeding – Our Top Calgary Picks

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