A Passion for Pancakes

Calling all breakfast lovers (I know you’re out there) – this one’s for you!

Breakfasts have always been my favourite meal; I love the meal options and the ability to indulge in a warm bowl of oatmeal, a satisfying smoothie, a hearty plate of bacon and eggs or – my preference at the moment – PANCAKES!

My version of Ambitious Kitchen’s coconut flour pancakes with wild blueberry maple syrup

Seriously, kudos to this genius invention.

Pancakes conjure up images of kids sitting around the breakfast table mowing down fluffy white stacks laden in Aunt Jemima. That was certainly true on occasion in my childhood, as well (mostly made by yours truly). Twelve-year-old me would be behind a big bowl of batter serving up cakes to my siblings, probably after a morning at the rink or playing outside.

As good as those memories are, the pancakes of today are better. Say goodbye to processed boxed mix and sugary table syrup. Enter: nutritious and delicious versions packed with protein, vegetables and fruits, grilled in healthy coconut oil and topped with nut butter and/or real maple syrup.


The options are endless – one reason these continue to be at the top of my weekend-morning cooking list. Zucchini, banana, blueberry, quinoa, coconut flour, oats – all flavourful and nutrient-rich ingredients in some of my favourite recipes lately.

Oftentimes I’ll whip up a simple, gluten-free version with just two eggs and a banana (mash and fry!), but the texture and consistency just isn’t the same as the fluffy, filling kind.

When it comes to these beauties, I’ve rounded up my faves from around the web that I keep coming back to! All are refined sugar-free, many gluten-free and ALL as tasty as ever. As mentioned, a drizzle of almond butter on top not only tastes incredible and adds protein, but looks great in photos, too!

I had to make a separate Pinterest board just for pancakes since my love for them was overtaking my Breakfast Board! Click here to view and follow my Perfect Pancakes Board (I’m constantly adding to it).

So start creating! There are really no limits when it comes to this glorious morning staple.

2 thoughts on “A Passion for Pancakes

  1. I, too, was the one who normally made a special breakfast for my parents when I was a preteen; pancakes, crepes, etc. I have always loved real maple syrup, but also like fruit on top or, when I feel like cheating, bananas and Nutella. You have to splurge sometimes.

    Pancakes are great and, yes, there are many to choose from!


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