My Daily Diet

It’s true that eating refined sugar-free requires a lot more meal preparation, but I’ve found that once you’ve made it a habit, it just becomes a part of your normal routine. Plus, the payoffs of taking a little bit of time to buy and prepare whole food is huge.

Like many of us, my routine Monday to Friday is typically the same and that goes for what I eat, and when I eat, as well. We grocery shop on the weekends but often end up picking up a few things at the store throughout the week, especially fresh produce for particular meals.

As much as possible, we do our meal planning on the weekends before grocery shopping to figure out what we’ll need for our dinners for the week. If A is home, that consists of healthy and hearty meals like chicken fajitas, spinach and turkey meatball soup and homemade pizza. I’m so lucky to come home to delicious, hot food ready for me!

When A is on the road, I tend to whip up quicker, yet equally nutritious, dinners that often don’t involve a lot of meat – veggie omelette and avo toast, loaded baked sweet potato, and buddha bowls, for example.

An average weekday looks something like this:

Breakfast: oatmeal with banana, almond butter and cinnamon
plus always: black tea with unsweetened almond milk

Mid-morning snack: plain 2% Greek yogurt with berries and hemp or flax seeds

Lunch (post-workout): leftovers! (I also love Amy’s Lentil and Black Bean Soups as an easy, healthy to-go lunch)

Mid-afternoon snack: almonds/nuts, anything I’ve baked, fruit, hummus and crackers (loving these ones lately which are made without sugar)

Dinner: any of the aforementioned meals

I’ve tried to get better at drinking water (ideally with lemon) first thing in the morning to hydrate before immediately slurping down my tea. Something I’m working on!

On weekends, I tend to sleep in a little and take the time to savour a relaxing morning complete with a big breakfast. This has got to be one of my favourite things: slow Saturday and Sunday mornings with a pot of tea, stack of protein pancakes and a good book (or Instagram!) in hand.


I’ll take the time on the weekends to often make more of an elaborate tea drink, like unsweetened matcha latte with cinnamon or a chai tea latte. While I love the smell and taste of coffee, it gives me too much of caffeine jolt followed by quite the dip in energy. I haven’t had a cup of coffee in about three years.

As the designated bacon (and generally, meat) cooker, A will often fry me up some bacon and eggs on weekend mornings as well – especially if we’re at the cottage. Is there anything better than waking up to that smell?!

Note: this is not a sponsored post

4 thoughts on “My Daily Diet

  1. Have you thought of doing a “page” on different teas and their benefits? I love tea and I, too, do not drink coffee for unmentioned reasons.


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