One Week Wheat-Free

What happens when a sugar-free eater also ditches wheat?

Cutting sugar automatically eliminates most store-bought/processed foods, which includes a lot of bread products. Since going sugar-free almost two years ago, I’ve cut down on my intake of wheat products because of this.

I still consume the healthy baked goods I make, oatmeal on the regular, often sugar-free bakery bread for a sandwich or with eggs, and sometimes pasta. This is generally fine for me – I don’t have any intolerance to it.

However, lately, I’ve been inhaling a lot more wheat-based carbs than I’m used to.

It started with a delicious homemade lasagna my husband and I made (no regrets), followed by a pizza night, tortellini soup, and lots of meals subsisting off of avocado toast.

And I just felt bloated. You know the feeling? Less energy, a feeling of overall “puffiness” and general “blah.” It coincides with me feeling like I need to do a green juice detox for a week (never going to happen) – but that’s the sentiment; that I need to just inhale a ton of veggies and reduce the general bodily malaise.

So post-carb loading and pre-vacation, I decided to cut out wheat for a week to test out how I’d feel (I still ate oatmeal).

Given a week is likely too short to notice any other significant changes associated with cutting it out, the major expectation I had was correct – overall, I felt lighter. It really wasn’t that difficult for me, mostly because I don’t consume that much generally to start with and because I made sure to eat full, protein-rich meals (and lots of them) with whole ingredients, so I wouldn’t be hungry.

The only trouble I ran into was having a tea date with A at Bridgehead one evening and saw avocado toast on the menu – fought my momentary urge to order it. The next day, I ate an avocado sans toast and, although not as Instagrammable, very satisfying and delicious.

I’m going to return to my healthy relationship with refined sugar-free wheat products and their consumption in moderation. I know now, though, that a wheat-free week is always an option to reset my system and reduce that puffy feeling.

2 thoughts on “One Week Wheat-Free

  1. I love this! It’s a great example of how eating doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If we’re eating mindfully and checking in with how we feel we can make little adjustments as we need – sometimes we need to cut out something that we are eating too much of, and sometimes we need that homemade lasagna. 🙂

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