Introducing: 12 Days of Fitmas!

We all need a little push to get active this time of year, so from now until Christmas, I’ll be sharing a new exercise each day on  Instagram from my sister, a certified personal trainer. They’ll be quick and easy to do anywhere with minimal equipment, and most importantly – you’ll feel the buRN!

It can be tempting to dive in to the holiday treats, over-indulge at the office Christmas party, and skip workouts in favour of the gift exchange – after all, it’s the holidays, right? Try not to use the festive time of year as an excuse to let your healthy habits slide.

It’s easy to let your regular routine go, telling yourself that in January it’ll be a fresh start and you’ll begin the New Year on a healthy note. But why not put that into practice now and look and feel great over this busy season?! It’s really when we need the energy and good spirits the most.

So make sure to get enough rest, eat whole, unprocessed foods, and add some activity into your day – starting with these workouts!

Follow along on Instagram each day for a new exercise to try at home or the gym, and get those endorphins flowing. #12daysoffitmas

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