Two Years Sugar-Free

This January marks two years I’ve been refined sugar-free, so I’m challenging you to do something for 30 days.

In December 2014, I was at my heaviest and after overindulging throughout the holiday that year (also happened to be my champagne birthday!) I needed a health re-start. I decided to give up sugar for one month – January 2015 – to jumpstart a healthier year (also the year I got married).

I already ate relatively healthfully, but quit refined sugars cold turkey and starting hitting the gym five days a week. I started losing lots of weight, had more energy, noticed fewer headaches – the list of benefits goes on. Noticing this progress and how much better I felt, I continued with this positive habit change the next month… and the next…

Happier and healthier!
Happier and healthier!

Today, it’s been over two years without the sweet stuff and there’s no looking back! At the time, I never realized what I was doing was similar to a “30-day challenge,” but now we see the growing popularity of this trend in journaling, at fitness studios, for decluttering, and more.

There’s lots of evidence that doing something every day is key to habit change and real progress. As Gretchen Rubin notes, it can also simply be easier to maintain a habit by doing it every day instead of once in a while; it removes the dilemma over whether or not to do it.

Whether you want to stop doing something (like eating sugar) or start doing something (like working out), doing a 30-day challenge can put you on the fast track to seeing successful results or, at the very least, allow you to learn something important about yourself.

A friend of mine who recently conquered a 30-day spinning challenge said the best thing she got from doing it was a change in mentality. Completing it made her realize she can’t make excuses for not going to spin class because when she made it a priority, she could go.


This year, I hope to play the piano more and get back into yoga – two activities I plan to put to the 30-day test. Other ideas might include a blog post a day, reading, doing planks, making your bed, etc.

Do you have any resolutions that could be put to the 30-day challenge to kick-start a routine or simply make you realize that you can? Share your thoughts below – I love this topic and am so curious to hear what goals could benefit from it!

4 thoughts on “Two Years Sugar-Free

  1. Congratulations on your achievements. “A” (my cousin) is a lucky man to have such a dedicated person to be his wife.

    You spoke of headaches and having less of them during your “30-day/2-year challenge”. I suffer from migraines and wondered if you would suggest other things which may help with these; foods you shouldn’t eat (I thought I knew them all), other things that can be done to improve ourselves. My goal is to lose 15 lbs for my sister’s wedding in October. I need some encouragement to stick with things. It’s hard when you’re trying to do it yourself.


    1. Thanks for the compliments! Quitting sugar (and overall eating a whole, real foods-based diet) has helped a bit with my migraines, and definitely resulted in me losing a bunch of weight. In my experience, headaches seem to be very individual – each person has their own triggers and solutions – but I think eating well can’t hurt regardless! One tip is if you keep good food in your kitchen, you’ll eat good food. It can definitely be tough to keep yourself accountable but making small tweaks and practicing them consistently has worked for me. Good luck with your goals!


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