To-Do List Tips

In which I introduce my new weekly blog post and discuss tips for to-do lists and scheduling

Welcome to my first weekly ‘Thursday Thoughts’ post! I wanted a regular update to share my musings so came up with this idea where each Thursday I’ll do a short post about things I’m loving right now, maybe what I’ve learned lately, what’s making me happy or just general thoughts. And hopefully converse with you about them!

Today’s is all about to-do list tips – I’m a huge scheduler and avid list maker – and since using my planner even more scrupulously this year, I have noticed a couple of things about my planning habits. Hopefully these reflections are helpful for you, too, or maybe you have scheduling strategies that work for you that you’d like to share below. (Please do! Any advice is appreciated).



  • If you don’t feel like doing it now, you won’t feel like doing it tomorrow

I’m not talking about things like brushing our teeth, going to the doctor, or any other perhaps tedious but necessary task that we generally don’t look forward to doing. I’m talking about the stuff we add to our calendars because maybe we feel like we should or a future version of ourselves might like to do. Guess what? If today you doesn’t want to go on that coffee date with the negative friend, tomorrow you likely won’t, either.

I’m trying to remember this truth and ask myself “would I want to do this tonight?’ If the answer is ‘no,’ I have to force myself to say so. This is especially tough for ‘yes’ people, like me, who want to please others and – BONUS – cross an item off the to-do list!

If you don’t want to play on an intramural soccer team tonight, you likely won’t want to when the summer rolls around.

  • Don’t overwhelm your list

Did I mention I love crossing stuff off lists? I also happen to always have a lot on the go. Couple these two together and you get an avid scheduler with an overly ambitious calendar.

While having tasks marked down keeps me motivated and on track, adding an unreasonable number of items sets me up for disappointment when I can’t tick off all the boxes in a day. Keep it realistic and manageable. Spread things out over more time if you need to. Continually pushing the same errand to the next week means it’s not being scheduled properly (and/or it’s not a priority).

Are you a to-do list maker who finds yourself drained by too many or unwanted tasks and activities?

2 thoughts on “To-Do List Tips

  1. I am an extreme “To-Do List” type of person. At work, my co-workers laugh at me at how anal I am, but I tell them, “If I don’t write it down, it won’t get done.” Maybe, at almost 50, my memory isn’t as good either…LOL. Either way, I have always been a “lister”, but it has helped me get through my life with zero stress.

    I see you stopped reading en route to work as you didn’t want to lug around the books anymore. Perhaps an e-reader would help with this and then you could purchase my husband’s book–The Old Elm Tree by Gregory J. Curtis (a plug for him) and an interesting read.


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