Update on my February Goals

Month 2 into my what’s-becoming-a year-long quest to do something every day

To recap, in January, I read and kept a gratitude journal every day (and also went the month without alcohol).

For February, my goals were to:

  • Read every day (this is a constant)
  • Do a plank every day

After establishing the “do something every day habit,” these were relatively easy things to commit to and I’m happy to report I’ve succeeded! (I also went the month alcohol-free again, bringing me to over two months).

It’s been rewarding to see the progress on my bookshelf, having crossed off multiple books from my “to-read” list (find me on Goodreads here). It’s also been satisfying to go from being able to hold a plank for 1 minute and 40 seconds at the beginning of the month, to now reaching past the 3-minute mark.

I kept track of my plank times each day in my Passion Planner, which makes it easy to track goals (and all your other items!)

In March, I have a couple of books on my nightstand to tackle, and plan to play the piano every day! (This is more of a daunting one, so cross your fingers for me!) I figure if Channing Tatum can do it, so can I.

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