Pay it Forward: It Feels Good to Do Good

What I learned after a positive encounter with a stranger.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I attended a concert (Chris Stapleton, if you were wondering – which was amazing) for which I’d bought him tickets for his birthday a while ago.

Our seats were in the 300 level of the arena. After climbing rows and rows of staircases and meandering our way to the very top, we settled in to our seats and got accustomed to the mild vertigo we were experiencing looking way down at the stage.


Not long after we’d taken our coats off, a couple of women approached us and asked if it was just two of us. We responded hesitantly, thinking they wanted us to move over or tell us we were in their seats. To our surprise, they asked if we wanted to sit in section 100 instead. They had extra tickets and wanted to sit with their friends. “I’d rather see someone be able to enjoy them than them going to waste,” one of them said.

We were a little shocked by the generosity of this thoughtful stranger who just wanted to do something nice and without alternative motives. We said thank you profusely and climbed our way back down to our new seats right next to the stage.


My husband said it restored his faith in humanity and mentioned paying it forward. Those thoughts struck me and I agreed the best way to appreciate that kind gesture was to do some random acts of kindness myself to spread the love that we were so lucky to have received.

So, that week, I vowed to do one small kind thing a day to pay it forward. I tell you this not to brag or express what a benevolent, amazing person I am, but to show you what I learned, which is – 1) that it’s really simple to do one kind thing a day; and 2) that making other people happy makes us happy, too.

“There is no small act of kindness. Every compassionate act makes large the world.” –Mary Anne Radmacher

These activities didn’t take me long at all and are just a few (of many) ideas you, too, can do to brighten the world around you. And, hopefully, those on the receiving end will pay it forward, as well!

Monday: Made healthy banana muffins and brought them to some coworkers

Tuesday: Posted a genuine, positive comment on one of my favourite blogger’s latest posts

Wednesday: Brought Bridgehead coffee to my brother before going to work

TulipsThursday: Sent spring tulips to my sister in Alberta

Friday: Went for a massage; because being kind to yourself is equally important!

As much as it was nice to receive the thanks I got from doing these acts, I made sure that’s not why I was doing it – just as I know the woman from the concert didn’t give us her tickets just to be liked!

3 thoughts on “Pay it Forward: It Feels Good to Do Good

  1. What a lovely surprise you both received! Doing good deeds for others is good. I often take “goodies” to work for my co-workers which they love. I am a nurse, so technically I do good deeds every shift, but that really doesn’t count as it is my job. Other good deeds I have done is given small balances from gift cards to someone in the line behind me or carried over my change from something to the person behind me.

    It really doesn’t take much to do something kind to someone else.


    1. I love the idea of handing small balances to others in line! I have so many gift cards with $1-$5 on them and never know what to do with them – this is a great idea to give someone else a small discount on their purchase and not feel like you’re putting it to waste. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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