The Best Store-Bought Snacks

What do I reach for when a snack attack hits and I’m out and about?

As a real- and whole-foods advocate, I’m all about championing homemade meals, cooking and baking from scratch, and using the best quality, non-processed ingredients.

That’s why I’m so dedicated to meal prepping, shopping as much as possible on the perimeter of the store, bringing my own lunch and snacks, cooking and baking and, of course, not eating refined sugars.

As I’ve written about before, it can be time consuming, but SO worth it.

The snacks I have on a regular basis typically consist of plain Greek yogurt with berries, homemade granola or energy bars, nuts, or veggies with olive oil hummus.

But that doesn’t mean I never eat a bag of chips.

Luckily, increasingly, there are more nutritional choices for your favourite snack foods. (However, many so-called “healthy” snacks are laden with sugars and processed garbage, so look beyond the label to the ingredients list).

TIp: look for snacks made with healthier and less-refined oils, like EVOO

Certain brands are starting to offer chips and popcorn made with better-for-you oils, like coconut oil and olive oil, and others championing short, legible ingredients lists.

Here are some of my fave “healthier” store-bought snacks. While they don’t replace the apple and almonds, they’re a nice treat when I’m looking for something quick to pick up to enjoy while watching a movie.

Note: this is not a sponsored post

Coconut Oil and Olive Oil Potato Chips

Boulder Canyon

These kettle chips have the perfect crunch factor, are mildly addictive, and are made with better-for-you oils; not the canola or sunflower oil you typically find in chips’ ingredients.

Olive Oil Popcorn

G.H. Cretors Organic Popped Corn – Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Nothing beats air-popping your own popcorn and slathering it in melted butter or coconut oil at home, but when you’re at the movies and still crave that ‘corn, this is a great option. I recently saw Beauty and the Beast and found these at my local Whole Foods, enjoying the healthier version of the classic cinema food while watching the show!

snack bars


Yes, there is still a lot of sugar (natural) in these date and nut bars, but with only a couple ingredients, you know what you’re eating. I love the peanut butter kind.


While not yet available in Canada, these bars are protein-packed with egg whites and also contain a short list of natural, understandable ingredients (like dates, nuts and “no b.s.” as they say).

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