Clothes on hanger

Use Your (Good) Stuff

Do you keep clothes with tags on them hanging in your closet to save them for the “right” occasion? What about nice dishes left untouched in your cabinets? Maybe it’s linens or even a vehicle that you want to preserve in some way to maintain its newness.

My mother-in-law is fond of quoting Mairlyn Smith who talks about the importance of “using your good stuff!”

I was thinking about this recently when I was reminded of one of Gretchen Rubin’s Secrets of Adulthood and 12 Personal Commandments: to “spend out.” She and her sister Elizabeth discuss this in a recent episode in relation to buying a new shirt and keeping it folded up in its packaging to “save” it for something. Gretchen acknowledged this and reminded herself of her vow to use stuff.

I think most of us have been there, and I certainly tend to feel the need to keep things in great shape and order. Given this tendency, their advice to “use your good stuff” or “spend out” really spoke to me and I’ve tried to think about ways to incorporate it into my life more.

For me it’s not only to use the “good” stuff, but to use stuff, period. For example, I have plenty of clothes and yet the ones in rotation for work are generally the same over and over. Having just moved and organized my closet, I was able to clearly see an abundance of dresses and outfits I’d never worn to the office which I committed to switching up.

Things like these are there to be used/shown/worn, and by “saving” them, we’re saving ourselves from potential bursts of happiness. After all, why have things to take up space when we don’t use and appreciate them?!

7 thoughts on “Use Your (Good) Stuff

  1. I read once that, at the beginning of a season to turn your hangers backwards. Anything that is still backwards after 3 months you get rid of as you obviously are not interested in wearing it anymore. It actually worked for me.


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