Hi! welcome to my blog devoted to whole, healthy living.

I’ve always loved to bake. As a kid, I remember getting a Mrs. Fields Best Ever Cookie cookbook and shiny new baking sheets as a birthday gift – and I couldn’t have been happier. I revelled in coming up with new concoctions, stirring away in the kitchen and the excitement of a fresh batch of oatmeal raisin cookies coming out of the oven – chewy on the inside, golden on the outside.

Unlike my days as a youngster, today I use no added sugar in my recipes. After giving up refined sugars in January 2015, I’ve grown healthier and stronger — and so, too, has my love for baking.

I focus on whole, unprocessed foods and have a passion for creating delicious treats that are naturally sweetened.

I also love country music, figure skating, reading non-fiction, and hanging out with my husband (you can read about our wedding here). I’m into hand-lettering, crafting, and other creative pursuits, and have a penchant for organization, productivity, and wellness/well-being.

Favourite meal: Breakfast. I could eat breakfast foods for every meal of the day! Oatmeal, smoothies, protein pancakes, avocado toast and eggs are all part of my rotation.

Favourite cuisine: Mexican. Fresh, delicious, simple and the options are endless.

Favourite destination: Anywhere with the ocean close by and good, fresh food. Take a look at some of my travel adventures to places like Niagara wineries, Tulum, Mexico, London, England and more!

Favourite colour: I think you’ll notice (if you haven’t already) that turquoise is a prominent element on my site – and it’s an evident colour in my daily life!

Now you know about me; tell me about you! It’s great to hear feedback on recipes, as well as how different posts resonate with you. Comment below, reach out via the Contact page and follow along on Instagram for your daily dose of delicious.

Naturally Stephanie