Why I Love September Pt. 2: Our one-year anniversary

One of the biggest reasons I love September has to do with actual love.

On September 12 last year, I married my best friend and partner of more than six years in an intimate ceremony on a beautiful golf course. I still get a kick out of saying “husband” every time I mention him – hoping that novelty doesn’t wear off any time soon! Continue reading “Why I Love September Pt. 2: Our one-year anniversary”

Our ‘I do’ BBQ: rehearsal dinner planning

Awhile ago, we shared five tips from planning our own wedding in light of the impending season upon us filled with dresses, décor, cake, cocktails and, of course, love!

Aside from the main event itself, significant time and effort goes into the preparation of a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, too. Whether a low-key affair or a fancy soirée, rehearsals and rehearsal meals are so important to ensure the big day goes smoothly and to enjoy time with close family and friends before the nuptials begin.

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Planning a wedding? 5 lessons learned

While this post isn’t about food or travel, it’s approaching wedding season and having just been through the planning process ourselves, I wanted to share some lessons learned.

We had a year and a half after we got engaged to prepare for the big day and it was the ideal length of time to enjoy calling each other “fiancé/ée” while having the right amount of preparation time. Aside from creating Pinterest boards and reading magazines, here are five general pieces of advice anyone planning their special day could glean insight from. Continue reading “Planning a wedding? 5 lessons learned”

Our dream honeymoon: tacos, tequila and tans in Tulum, Mexico

After a year and a half of wedding planning – drafting and re-drafting itineraries, checklists, to-do lists, you name it – the last thing we wanted to do was create, and follow, a busy vacation schedule after we got married. We, as many couples, craved getting away and relaxing in the sun, reveling in the memories of our wedding and making any plans on a more spontaneous basis.

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