Refined Sugar-Free

I have been eating refined sugar-free for two years – a diet and lifestyle change that is still going strong, with no looking back!


What does “refined sugar-free” mean?

A ton has been written about the topic of going sugar free, and it means different things to many people. While I’ve done a lot of research on the topic, the only proof I needed was seeing the real impacts the change had on my body and mind.

Note: I am not a doctor, scientist, nutritionist, dietitian, or other health professional

Everyone has to figure out and know what works best for them. For me, and for the blog, this means no refined sugars. To make it easier, the only sugars I use and eat are natural: raw honey, pure maple syrup and fruit.


I’ve compiled a list below of common sugars/sweeteners and those I do consume and don’t.

And I’m not talking about eating those on my “don’t” list in moderation. I don’t consume them at all. Ever. For me, abstaining from these foods altogether is easier than having them sometimes.

DON’T (what I don’t eat and what you won’t find in my recipes):

  • White sugars
  • Brown sugars
  • Icing/powdered sugar
  • Coconut sugar
  • Palm sugar
  • Cane sugar/evaporated cane juice/cane extract
  • Corn syrup
  • Agave syrup
  • Rice syrup/brown rice syrup
  • Sugar alcohols, like Xliytol and Sorbitol
  • Sweeteners, like Stevia, Aspartame and Sucralose

DO (what I do eat and use in my recipes – sometimes and when needed):

  • Real maple syrup
  • Honey
  • Fruit (ie. bananas, raisins, Medjool dates, dried fruit *note: only dried fruit that doesn’t have added sugar, like a lot of dried cranberries do. Look for dried cranberries sweetened with apple juice.)


Everyone’s different and this is what works for me, and has very successfully, since January 2015. Interested in more about my refined sugar-free journey? Looking for tips or other resources? You may want to check out:

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