Cape Breton

Cape Breton: Small island, big character

What Cape Breton lacks in size, it makes up for in character.

The island is easily accessible from most major cities in Canada, and increasingly from the northeastern United States. And although the natural beauty, national parks, fine dining, and warm hospitality has always been there, it’s a destination whose worldly profile has increased in the last two years thanks in large part to the tremendous golf destination – Cabot Links. Continue reading “Cape Breton: Small island, big character”

More than just beach in Myrtle Beach

Ahhh, South Carolina. Land of hush puppies, great golf, country music and coastal culture.

Myrtle Beach, on the north end of the state’s Atlantic coastline, lives up to all those things – and more, offering tourists from all over beautiful beaches, boardwalk, and any activity you could dream on the sand and under the sun. Continue reading “More than just beach in Myrtle Beach”