Healthy Pear Crisp

Those of you who know me know I often refer to fruit as “nature’s sugar,” and nothing could be more true for delicious, ripe, in-season pears right now. I’d take a juicy, nourishing pear over a lollipop any day — and do! Especially if it’s in the form of pear crisp.

This harvest time in Ontario (my favourite time of year, by the way) means Bartlett pears are so fresh and perfect for eating whole or baking. Not only tasty, pears are also a great source of fiber, vitamin C and potassium.  Continue reading “Healthy Pear Crisp”

Six-Ingredient Apple Oatmeal Muffins

I’ve found that as we grow older, a lot of us lose touch with the hobbies and activities we once loved as youngsters.

As kids and teenagers, so many of us were involved in a wide range of activities – they may range from sports, like baseball and dancing, to other disciplines like chess, drama or photography. I was lucky to always have lots of extra-curriculars on the go in each season – soccer and swimming in the summer, figure skating, martial arts and diving throughout the school year, as well as music and theatre rehearsals. Continue reading “Six-Ingredient Apple Oatmeal Muffins”

A Peek Inside My Pantry

What are some staples I house  in my cupboard at all times, you ask?

Given the importance of home meal preparation with a sugar-free diet – not to mention all the baking I do — there are some essentials I keep on hand at all times. These come in handy for simple recipes and even throwing a meal together in a pinch. They store well, also, meaning the food doesn’t go to waste. Continue reading “A Peek Inside My Pantry”

Beat the heat with these sugar-free treats: chocolate banana “nice” cream and healthy fudgesicles

June 20 is the official first day of summer and in light of this season of sun, I wanted to share some of my favourite cool-down, refined sugar-free treats.

Continue reading “Beat the heat with these sugar-free treats: chocolate banana “nice” cream and healthy fudgesicles”

Battle of the brownies

We’ve previously done a Battle of the Burgers post. Well, welcome its sweeter neighbour, Battle of the Brownies!

Continue reading “Battle of the brownies”

Sugar-Free Snack Swap

Similar to Cookie Swaps popular around the holidays, my sugar-free version had guests make and bring something refined sugar-free to share and take home so people could get new recipe inspiration for healthy snacks.

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