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Summer Vacation Guide: Canada Edition

Book off some time, grab your passport, and get set to jet to any of these ideal destinations during our country’s 150th anniversary!

Whether it’s a solo adventure, couples trip, girls’ weekend, or family getaway, there’s something for everyone at these beautiful Canadian locales. Continue reading “Summer Vacation Guide: Canada Edition”

Walking in a spring wonderland

There is something so much more beautiful about snow in the country; always looking crisper and cleaner. And even during what is typically a messy spring thaw, an uncharacteristically chilly March weekend made the melting ice and snow look picturesque.

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Winter hiking in Gatineau Park

Ahhh, winter. There’s snow, sleet, slush… but winter can be so much more than just the messiness that comes along with this time of year. Proof? A mild February Saturday afternoon spent hiking in Gatineau Park.

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24h in Montreal

Each time we visit Montreal, we try to go to new places as well as visit steadfast favourites. This surprise trip — an early birthday present — was no different.

There are so many amazing things to see, do, and eat in the city and, with only 24 hours, we kept busy. Check out some of our highlights below, including: Continue reading “24h in Montreal”