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Summer Vacation Guide: Canada Edition

Book off some time, grab your passport, and get set to jet to any of these ideal destinations during our country’s 150th anniversary!

Whether it’s a solo adventure, couples trip, girls’ weekend, or family getaway, there’s something for everyone at these beautiful Canadian locales. Continue reading “Summer Vacation Guide: Canada Edition”

My Daily Diet

It’s true that eating refined sugar-free requires a lot more meal preparation, but I’ve found that once you’ve made it a habit, it just becomes a part of your normal routine. Plus, the payoffs of taking a little bit of time to buy and prepare whole food is huge.

Like many of us, my routine Monday to Friday is typically the same and that goes for what I eat, and when I eat, as well. We grocery shop on the weekends but often end up picking up a few things at the store throughout the week, especially fresh produce for particular meals. Continue reading “My Daily Diet”


Eating and Stampeding: Our top Calgary picks

A week in July at one of the world’s biggest festivals in a city we’d never visited was bound to be exciting, but just how great a trip we would have was yet to be known.

The Calgary Stampede, which ran from July 8-17 this year, is an event on many peoples’ bucket lists – if not for the top-tier country music line-up, world-class rodeo acts or epic parade, then for the infamous deep-fried food concoctions and sky-high midway rides.

We went for all those things, and more, which we’ll later get into. But we also learned that Calgary is a city with an impressive food scene and home to innovative, widely recognized chefs creating masterful dishes with a diversity of flavours. Continue reading “Eating and Stampeding: Our top Calgary picks”

Refined Sugar-Free Resources

A lot of people ask me which blogs/chefs/authors I follow for refined sugar-free recipes and inspiration.

Continue reading “Refined Sugar-Free Resources”

Our favourite quotes about eating

As we celebrate here on our blog, food is not just a means to an end – to fill our bellies when we’re hungry – it’s so much more than that.

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One year sugar-free

Happy New Year! As we’re halfway into the first month of 2016 and gearing up for an exciting year filled with flavourful food and amazing adventures, it’s a great time to reflect upon the previous year.

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