Five days of oatmeal: recipe ideas to fuel your mornings

Oatmeal seems to have had a resurgence as of late — it certainly has for me. And why shouldn’t it? The breakfast staple is inexpensive, healthy, hearty and versatile. 

Growing up, my Dad would make a big pot of oatmeal every morning as fuel for our busy school day ahead — he called it “funky porridge,” adding in any mix of pantry ingredients handy that day (apple cinnamon was a favourite). At the time, I spooned in brown sugar and poured a swig of milk, but these days a swirl of almond milk on top does the trick. But just like back then, a bowl of this delicious and nutritious classic keeps me full all morning long. Continue reading “Five days of oatmeal: recipe ideas to fuel your mornings”

Happy Valentine’s Day

‘Tis the day for floral arrangements, chocolate and… Smoothie bowls!

Enjoy the special day with your special someone/loved ones and some tasty treats, like this delicious smoothie and no-sugar cocoa bark.

Get-up-and-go: Banana berry smoothie

It’s the holidays and after consuming plenty of food and beverage, and maybe not following a regular diet and exercise routine, a light and healthy breakfast may be just what you need.

Continue reading “Get-up-and-go: Banana berry smoothie”