Introducing: 12 Days of Fitmas!

We all need a little push to get active this time of year, so from now until Christmas, I’ll be sharing a new exercise each day on  Instagram from my sister, a certified personal trainer. They’ll be quick and easy to do anywhere with minimal equipment, and most importantly – you’ll feel the buRN!

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Tea Time is All The Time

Coffee gets a lot of love – it’s warm, caffeinating, tasty, and Instagram-worthy. But, I’d argue, tea is also all of that and happens to be my hot drink of choice. So, it’s time to shine the spotlight on tea.

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A Peek Inside My Pantry

What are some staples I house  in my cupboard at all times, you ask?

Given the importance of home meal preparation with a sugar-free diet – not to mention all the baking I do — there are some essentials I keep on hand at all times. These come in handy for simple recipes and even throwing a meal together in a pinch. They store well, also, meaning the food doesn’t go to waste. Continue reading “A Peek Inside My Pantry”

Refined Sugar-Free Resources

A lot of people ask me which blogs/chefs/authors I follow for refined sugar-free recipes and inspiration.

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One year sugar-free

Happy New Year! As we’re halfway into the first month of 2016 and gearing up for an exciting year filled with flavourful food and amazing adventures, it’s a great time to reflect upon the previous year.

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