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Summer Vacation Guide: Canada Edition

Book off some time, grab your passport, and get set to jet to any of these ideal destinations during our country’s 150th anniversary!

Whether it’s a solo adventure, couples trip, girls’ weekend, or family getaway, there’s something for everyone at these beautiful Canadian locales. Continue reading “Summer Vacation Guide: Canada Edition”

Forget the Juice Cleanse; Try a Digital Detox

Lots of people have New Year’s resolutions related to food detoxes, but it may be worth considering a time-out from technology, as well.

Ok, so maybe you’ve done the lemon-ginger-cayenne pepper cleanse, the green juice diet, the raw food routine, and any other depriving detoxes at the beginning of the year. But in our ever-present tech society, doing a digital detox might be the much-needed break we need. Continue reading “Forget the Juice Cleanse; Try a Digital Detox”

Holiday recipe round-up

Thanksgiving may have passed a while ago here in Canada, but the holiday season is just beginning south of the border. American Thanksgiving is today, and since there is an abundance of holiday recipes being shared at this time, I thought I’d gather some great healthy recipe ideas from around the web for everyone’s meal planning.

Continue reading “Holiday recipe round-up”