Peaches n Cream Overnight Oats

The perfect meal prep breakfast with the sweetness of fresh, juicy peaches

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Vegetable power bowl meal

5 Steps to the Perfect Power Bowl

How to create an easy, nutritious (and Insta-worthy!) bowl meal

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been a challenging couple of months with my injury and making improvements and renos to our new house. While the health thing certainly is a legitimate reason for not having been as active on here lately, part of me has been holding off because I haven’t been able to come up with a good, long piece. Continue reading “5 Steps to the Perfect Power Bowl”

Rainboots, umbrella

Thursday Thoughts: What I’m loving right now

What’s getting me through this rainy and dull spring!

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My Daily Diet

It’s true that eating refined sugar-free requires a lot more meal preparation, but I’ve found that once you’ve made it a habit, it just becomes a part of your normal routine. Plus, the payoffs of taking a little bit of time to buy and prepare whole food is huge.

Like many of us, my routine Monday to Friday is typically the same and that goes for what I eat, and when I eat, as well. We grocery shop on the weekends but often end up picking up a few things at the store throughout the week, especially fresh produce for particular meals. Continue reading “My Daily Diet”