St. Kitts & Nevis: An authentic Caribbean experience

Compared to many other Caribbean destinations that travellers have visited time and again, St. Kitts and Nevis – about three hours south of Miami – is different. The “authentic” Caribbean experience (at least, as described by many locals in the tourism industry) is one of delicious, local dining options, undisturbed beaches, small-town flare, and a relaxed vibe.

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Our dream honeymoon: tacos, tequila and tans in Tulum, Mexico

After a year and a half of wedding planning – drafting and re-drafting itineraries, checklists, to-do lists, you name it – the last thing we wanted to do was create, and follow, a busy vacation schedule after we got married. We, as many couples, craved getting away and relaxing in the sun, reveling in the memories of our wedding and making any plans on a more spontaneous basis.

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