Eating and Stampeding: Our top Calgary picks

A week in July at one of the world’s biggest festivals in a city we’d never visited was bound to be exciting, but just how great a trip we would have was yet to be known.

The Calgary Stampede, which ran from July 8-17 this year, is an event on many peoples’ bucket lists – if not for the top-tier country music line-up, world-class rodeo acts or epic parade, then for the infamous deep-fried food concoctions and sky-high midway rides.

We went for all those things, and more, which we’ll later get into. But we also learned that Calgary is a city with an impressive food scene and home to innovative, widely recognized chefs creating masterful dishes with a diversity of flavours. Continue reading “Eating and Stampeding: Our top Calgary picks”

St. Kitts & Nevis: An authentic Caribbean experience

Compared to many other Caribbean destinations that travellers have visited time and again, St. Kitts and Nevis – about three hours south of Miami – is different. The “authentic” Caribbean experience (at least, as described by many locals in the tourism industry) is one of delicious, local dining options, undisturbed beaches, small-town flare, and a relaxed vibe.

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24h in Montreal

Each time we visit Montreal, we try to go to new places as well as visit steadfast favourites. This surprise trip — an early birthday present — was no different.

There are so many amazing things to see, do, and eat in the city and, with only 24 hours, we kept busy. Check out some of our highlights below, including: Continue reading “24h in Montreal”

Diary of a Europe trip

We just got engaged, and, despite the daunting task of planning a large event, we were very excited to plan our first transatlantic trip together, to see friends – new and old – and to experience the fun, historic city of London and take the train to the Netherlands.

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5 things to see/eat/do in Boston

Ever since we visited Boston in the fall a couple of years ago, we’ve always talked about going back. It left such a memorable and positive impression on us, in fact, that we both said it’s somewhere we could live.

Liveable, walkable, friendly, clean, historic, Bean Town truly is a not-to-miss American city. It’s so easy to get around, you feel like a local in no time. Continue reading “5 things to see/eat/do in Boston”