Five days of oatmeal: recipe ideas to fuel your mornings

Oatmeal seems to have had a resurgence as of late — it certainly has for me. And why shouldn’t it? The breakfast staple is inexpensive, healthy, hearty and versatile. 

Growing up, my Dad would make a big pot of oatmeal every morning as fuel for our busy school day ahead — he called it “funky porridge,” adding in any mix of pantry ingredients handy that day (apple cinnamon was a favourite). At the time, I spooned in brown sugar and poured a swig of milk, but these days a swirl of almond milk on top does the trick. But just like back then, a bowl of this delicious and nutritious classic keeps me full all morning long. Continue reading “Five days of oatmeal: recipe ideas to fuel your mornings”

Walking in a spring wonderland

There is something so much more beautiful about snow in the country; always looking crisper and cleaner. And even during what is typically a messy spring thaw, an uncharacteristically chilly March weekend made the melting ice and snow look picturesque.

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Winter hiking in Gatineau Park

Ahhh, winter. There’s snow, sleet, slush… but winter can be so much more than just the messiness that comes along with this time of year. Proof? A mild February Saturday afternoon spent hiking in Gatineau Park.

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Homemade veggie soup

One of the most satisfying dishes on a cold and dark evening in the middle of winter (looking at you, February) is hearty, homemade soup.

This version is easy to throw together, is packed with vitamins and vegetables, is filling without unhealthy calories, and can be stored in the freezer for a delicious supper down the road. So, make a big batch! Continue reading “Homemade veggie soup”